Charity Page

The Old Port House Bar supports the following charities:

Skiathos Cat Welfare Association

Skiathos Cat Welfare    Association

The Skiathos Cat Welfare Association

  • Foster a general awareness throughout the local community on the plight of stray cats
  • Engage the local, national and international community on issues having to do with Cat welfare
  • Make partnerships with various organizations to further expand opportunities to improve the wellbeing of the local stray cat population
  • Raise funds and to invite and receive donations to facilitate the provision of food, medication and veterinary services including neutering for the stray cat population
Skiathos Dog Welfare Association

Skiathos Dog Welfare Association


The Skiathos Dog Welfare Association

  • Believe that a dog is for life and that every dog deserves a happy, secure future.
  • It’s a struggle sometimes to keep going.  The shelter has no electricity or running water.
  • But it is a happy place where many dogs are loved for the first time in their lives – and a stepping-stone to their new lives with a home and a family.